• Initially I was skeptical when I heard from whitewind regarding unclaimed money owed to me, but later realized it was legit
    Thank you whitewind for an awesome job

  • It was a breeze getting my btc back. I hardly had to do anything. THANK YOU whitewind tech for all your time and effort you put into getting my btc back.

  • My brother and I have been duped so many times making it difficult to actually trust whitewind tech at first but the reasonable faith we had left paid off and all our btc of 5.7 was recovered almost immediately
    Just follow their instructions your money or btc will be recovered back.
    Thank you whitewind tech

  • The whitewind tech group helped me recover 5.9 BTc that was Scammed off me by a fake investment company on telegram
    Thank you whitewind Tech

  • I have always heard of agencies that recover bitcoin but never took it seriously until I was ripped of 9BTC . I decided to try Whitewind Tech after almost loosing all hopes of recovery and it was recovered for me.
    I can’t thank you enough Whitewind Tech

    • You’re most welcome wade
      Refer your family and friends who have suffered a similar fate
      so they can be indemnified

      White Wind Technology Team

  • 2017 to assist us with the workload of trying to recover sizeable sums from bad debt clients. Two years later, White wind tech have become invaluable to our business’ ongoing recovery of debts through negotiations with our clients and by instigating/managing legal action to recover sums. We have been especially pleased with Graham who has now managed hundreds of our debts and has been a great source of guidance on the legal procedures for debt collection. We highly recommend White wind tech to any businesses looking for a debt recovery partner.

  • We run a boutique research recruitment business. After 16 years of trading we had never had a case of bad debt and so when this situation arose, we were unsure about what do to and which company we felt comfortable with to support us.

    After speaking with a few firms, White wind tech really stood out from the rest as they specialise in our industry and so could immediately demonstrate the various common scenarios that they are used to dealing with in terms of recruitment debt. Furthermore the process was clearly explained, smooth and non stressful. The day we handed over the debt we could literally forget about it and relax without having to deal with stressful calls and emails. Within under 3 weeks our debt was paid in full and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any business. We have also since passed them another debt from the same client.

  • My sincere appreciation goes to the staff and manager of whitewind company for Recovering my lost btc
    Thanks once again

  • I want to use this opportunity to express my appreciation to whitewind tech for their sincere hardwork
    Thank you!!!!!

  • I was extremely pleased with your professionalism and legit ness
    Keep the good work up
    All my money was recovered
    Thanks guys

  • A job well done, no lies, nor scam, all legit.
    My money worth $15,000 was recovered in 2 days
    Thank you so much whitewind

  • Comments are small to what you guys did for me recovering my money worth $5,000.
    Thank you so much white wind tech
    You guys are the best!!!!!

  • OMG
    I still can’t believe my eyes
    This is like a dream to me……my btc was recovered in less than 3 hours
    Whitewind tech I’m grateful

  • Very professional and efficient. Easy to reach and communication was provided at each stage of the process
    Thank you so much to the manager of whitewind tech
    I’m extremely grateful

  • It has always been a pleasure doing business with whitewind tech. They are courteous and LEGIT
    My money of $8,000 was recovered.
    Thank you whitewind

  • How many times does someone call you to offer fraud btc, without whitewind we could never have known that these funds were available. Thank you the entire team of whitewind.

  • Words can’t express how grateful I am for this awesome job whitewind did in recovering my btc worth 4.07
    I’m so grateful!!!!

  • I am deeply grateful for the services provided by whitewind tech. I never knew my lost BTC could be recovered in minutes
    Thank you so much

  • I thought my money have been lost forever until a friend introduced me to whitewind tech. I appreciate them for doing exactly as they promised and for the quick response I received

  • I was very pleased with the service whitewind provided
    The process and the total recovery was finished in a matter of minutes
    Thank you so much guys!!!

  • OMG
    This is like a dream to me!!!
    My money was recovered people…..I still can’t believe this
    All I just had to do was follow their instructions and my money was recovered between 4-5 hours
    Thank you so much whitewind tech.

  • My comment is based on my appreciation to whitewind tech for an intelligent work done on recovering my BTC of 5.2
    Once again I say thank you so much whitewind.

  • Marvellous and unbelievable experience i had with white wind when i already lost hope about how to recover my company’s money that i saved in bitcoin to scammers. I came across them just on the internet and gave it a try and fortunately it was worth the try. Whitewindtech is amazing

  • I’m stunned to be able to recover what i lost in bitcoin just after a week of coming in contact with white wind tech. I’ll recommend white wind for anyone who has lost bitcoin and needs some assistance

  • What could be more flabbergasting than you being able to retrace and receive lost bitcoin. All thanks to White wind tech

  • $18,000 worth of bitcoin lost was traced and recovered by white wind tech. What an Opportunity, very surprising and unbelievable.

  • Absolutely magnificent work from white wind tech. I never could imagine that bitcoin lost or stolen could be retraced and recovered. Nevertheless, with the help of white wind tech i as able to recover over 80% of $6000 bitcoin worth that i lost

  • It was a tedious and tiring experience trying to find an honest company to help me with the recovery of assest(bitcoin) hacked and stolen from my wallet address. All thanks to white wind tech who helped me

  • Great job done from white wind tech customer service in assisting to recover stolen bitcoin. I acknowledge them so much, what a wonderful job they did.

  • I was almost out of my mind when i lost a large amount of bitcoin to scammers online saying they wanted to help invest. White wind tech wen I found them responded swiftly and helped with the tracking and recovery of my bitcoin. I was wowed

  • I’m glad that I’m restored…never thought it would happen… I actually thought I had been scammed again by y’all but I’m super glad White wind tech
    Please y’all beware of dual coin ….White wind tech recovered my btc from those scammers at dual coin

  • I got scammed on the 8th of April 2018…lost all hope until I gave White wind tech a try….took just three days to get all I had lost back….Kudos to this company

  • Took me hours to decide whether to proceed or not…. I lost 17,000 dollars in btc to scammers on the 25th of August 2020 …. I sought out help and found it in White wind tech, they recovered my money back from those heartless traders . I just wish I could take the scammers to jail

  • OMG!!!
    My money was recovered in one bit
    This is amazing, i wanna say a big thank you to the manager of whitewind for an awesome work in getting back my money worth $5,000
    Thank you so much!!!

  • I can boast my chest and say that whitewind tech is 100% LEGIT
    Thank you guys
    My BTC of 2.6 was funded back into my wallet
    God bless you guys!

  • A thumb Up to whitewind tech for recovering both my BTC of 4.7 and my money worth $15,875. It’s in great delight and joy that i write this testimonial
    Thank you always whitewind!!!

  • Writing comments is small compared to what you guys did for me
    I’ve been scammed a couple of time making this platform doubtful in my eyes but the little faith i had left paid off and my BTC was returned back to me
    All i just have to say is thank you All rounder!!

  • Thanks for all you do white wind Team….magnificent job in recovering my BTC of 1.45
    I’m so glad and grateful

  • I am always grateful to Whitewind for helping me out of a very difficult situation. Losing 3.5BTC felt like hell but your wonderful team works magic.

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